Željka Baričević
Prisika 75
51250 Novi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski

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Novi Vinodolski

The tourist town of NOVI VINODOLSKI developed and grew along the seashore in the central
part of the northern Croatian coast, on the Riviera of Novi Vinodolski from the  ancient Frankopans'
fortress NOVI GRAD.

In history, Novi Vinodolski affirmed itself as political and cultural centre of the
Principality of Vinodol ("Vinodol" - "Vallis vinearia") and with "The Vinodol Code" in 1288.
It was the craddle of a pleiad of writers of the family Mazuranic. In 1878, thanks to the
evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air it gained the position,
 after Opatija, of being tourist pioneer of the seaside region. The physiognomy of the town is
characterized by the littoral architecture of white facades and red roofs which raise
themselves in the old town core from the sea level up to the church and tower on the hill
overtopping thus the town outline like they were protecting this stone town above the sea.
For this specific panorama Novi Vinodolski was recognizable in the past,
it is recognizable in the present and probably it will be in the tourist future.